Get Ready With Me (Video!!) + J.Crew on Bloor

Last week I was invited to attend an event at J.Crew on Bloor St hosted by the fabulous Stephanie. I haven't been to downtown Toronto since January I think, so it was the perfect excuse to bring a friend, head down & do some shopping :)

Before I left, I filmed a little 'get ready with me', which you can watch below! I also captured a few clips from the event & 'modelled' my new purchase haha

If the embedded video above isn't working, click here to watch on youtube.

You can see the hat I ended up purchasing at the far end of the 'blush & gold' rack. Had to snap a photo since it matched my nails for the evening :)
Awkwardly posing in front of their giant mirrors :)

They have several items with this pattern currently, and I thought these shorts were super cute.
Debating jewelry with Brenna. She ended up with the 'venus fly trap' necklace from the first photo, but this bracelet was a close second  :)
Hope you enjoyed! What's in your springtime routine these days?


Summer White

Clearly I'm thinking well past the winter white outside to the days of summer whites, but can you blame a girl?? Winter's gone on so long, we all need something to look forward too!

I've never owned a pair of white jeans, but I'm thinking these might need to come home with me. I have a very similar sunhat that I bought years ago (6ish?) that I still love, and my grandma's vintage pocketwatch on a chain is so fun! Strappy flats, a light scarf that can double as a shawl, a classic bag that can do no wrong and I'm set for summer!! Crossing my fingers for the temperature to join me :)


Eight Fall Must-Have's

That about sums up my fall wardrobe. I have real life versions of everything above - except the striped shirt (which is coming home with me asap!) and I wear them almost exclusively. There's a reason sweater weather is my favourite weather :)

+ I have two, no three, grey sweaters that get the most use - one is a drapey-waffle knit from Joe Fresh, one is a men's sweater with double buttons & elbow patches from H&M, and the third is a grey-multi-stripe-number that is part ugly + part fantastic from Value Village. It cost me $5 and I adore it - it is the most perfect grandpa sweater ever.

+ I love Old Navy tees for the length. And bonus - they don't shrink in the wash/dryer!! They are a little on the thinner side, but nothing a cami underneath can't fix. I like their long sleeve waffle tees too.

+ Dark or black jeans are a staple, same with a good pair of riding boots. My boots are from Joe Fresh (you'd never know by looking at them) and they're one of the best things I've bought in the past few years.

+ A pretty blouse is always nice :) I have a cream polka dot one and a navy one with knit sleeves - so comfy! (another VV purchase btw) That teal one from H&M looks really lovely.

And that concludes my fall fashion lesson! What are your must-have's for fall?


Dainty Rings

I've been seeing an abundance of delicate rings around lately, and for good reason! These lovely little jewels are just the perfect dainty addition to any outfit. I love the idea of mixing all the metals too - gold, silver, coppery/rose gold - I would totally mix them up and wear them all together!

Are you a ring person? Any dainty ones that appeal to you?


Feeling Short-y

I can't be the only one that has trouble finding shorts. They're either too big in places, too small in other places, oddly shaped, too short, too long, have awkward seams/cuffs, too gap-y, blah blah blah the list goes on. I think I've maybe owned 1 or 2 pairs that actually fit nicely in my life.

I tried a pair on over the weekend that were perfect, but I needed the size down and they didn't have it in the store. So, online I went! They have them online and they're cheaper than in the store!

Before I order, I wanted to share some other shorts I found that I think (hope) would also work. The pair I love is mixed in below, but I'm not going to tell you which pair. Tell me your favourite(s) before you click through and find out where they're from...some might surprise you!
1. Lime, 2. Dotted, 3. Purple, 4. Bow

Which pair is your favourite?



It's no secret that I love mint - I couldn't tell you how many posts I've done featuring something mint or turquoise - and apparently I'm not the only one because it seems like everyone is doing mint this season!

A mint bag would be the perfect addition to any spring/summer wardrobe, and I've chosen my favourites to share!
Clockwise from top left: Rebecca Minkoff ($125), Jason Wu ($1795), Kate Spade Saturday ($160), Steve Madden ($116), Rebecca Minkoff ($395), Joe Fresh ($99)

I know which one I have my eye on - which one(s) do you love?


Are You Feeling...

It all started when my mom mentioned to me that Anthropologie had some really cute tunics in. Of course I had to check them out! And in the process found this beautiful metallic pleated skirt. I knew I had to style it up and find even more loveliness for you all :)

I decided to style it based on a few different moods - I'm totally one of those people that chooses my clothes based on my mood! And yes, minty is totally a mood hahaha
fancy: top, heels, earrings
minty: top, sandals, bracelet
slouchy: top, flats, necklace

What's your favourite look from above? Are you a mood-dresser too?


Get the Look: Floral Pants


Hope you had a lovely weekend :) Mine was full of family times & lots of food, yum!

My spring/summer style is always full of lots of floral prints, but I've never worn (or even tried on) floral pants! And I kind of really want some...
I tried out image-mapping this post, so all you need to do is click on the pants to go to the page!!
(if it doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll post the links!)
Image Map
I think I love the 'skinny pink floral' ones and the 'high-rise floral' ones the most, although the first two 'tame' ones I can see myself wearing too.

Are you feeling the floral pant trend? Do you own any or would you never wear this style?


Holiday Glam (on a budget)

Good morning!

I've been seeing a lot of fabulous holiday outfit ideas around the interwebs lately, probably because Christmas is less than a week away (!!!!! I'm not even done my shopping yet, oops!)

But let's just be honest, we don't all have the budgets to get completely decked out in J.Crew or Kate Spade.

Enter: Forever 21. I love this store so much. And I miss being 10 minutes away from one. Thank goodness they ship to Canada or I'd really be in trouble haha

I am so in love with that dress. Look how cute the back is!! But if you need it to be a little more classy, just throw the coat on and you're set. Lots of sparkle, a little leopard, and of course, some mint nails :)

And how much does that entire ensemble cost, you may be wondering? 150.46 (CAD). For everything you see up there. And you probably already have a couple of the pieces already, so it would be even less! Total win. And everything can be mixed up and worn again for other occasions - double win.

What store(s) are you hitting up for your holiday look(s) this year??


ps, don't forget to enter to win a Leigh Viner print!!

Dressing for the Holidays

Good morning!

We've already had thanksgiving here in Canada, but we are heading into holiday party season so I thought putting together some appropriate holiday outfits would be fun :)

I decided to a casual and a fancy one, because you never know where you'll be invited!

I actually have the outfit above haha And I've worn it so much lately! I have that exact top and sweater, but I usually wear it with black jeans & my riding boots from Joe Fresh last fall. And ps, the sweater looks really good with yoga/comfy pants. You know, just in case you need to change into those before dessert haha

top / sweater / skirt / pumps

I have the top above in navy with white dogs (SO cute, and fits really nicely), but I really like this cream & oxblood version! And with that velvet skirt?? Too fab my friends. The cream beaded sweater (look at the closeups on the site, so lovely!) will keep you warm and the rose gold pumps will add some glam. I actually wasn't sure what colour shoe to put with this (black seemed awkward and nude seemed too summery) but these are just perfect.

What do you think? Would you wear either of these to a holiday party this year?


Sweater Weather

Good morning!

Hope you've all had a good week :) I've thoroughly enjoyed blogging everyday this week and I think I forgot how much I used to enjoy it. Glad to be back!

I've said this many times before, but sweater weather really is my favourite weather. (With bird-chirping weather as a close second!) The soft cozy sweaters, crisp winds, beautiful leaves (although they're almost all gone now) and the boots! Oh how I love my fall boots :)
photo by me on Instagram
I'm pretty excited for this weekend. Going to the US on a shopping trip with my mama and I'm planning to get some goooood bargains :) Any exciting plans for you??

Do you love sweater weather too?


ps, I'm going to be putting together some gift guides over the next 2 weeks, so if you have a shop I should know about let me know! I can't guarantee you'll be included, but I'll do my best! Super excited about this :)