The Christmas Shower

Well, my first proper maid-of-honour duty was a success :) We had the loveliest time on Saturday! Everyone should have a Christmas bridal shower haha I was a bit nervous as to how everything would work out - it was not a typical bridal shower and you never know what the weather will be like in December. But, everything turned out splendidly! Gently falling snow came down that morning, giving just a hint of Christmas. And everyone was on board with the ornament theme - turned into a bit of a woodland creature/Canadian tree by the end :)

Mom & I headed up the night before to help prepare & decorate. Kirsten, one of my best friends & one the bridesmaids, joined us with her delicious cookies that we packaged up for favours. We realized that the three of us (Sophie, Kirsten & myself) hadn't all been together since Canada Day!! Seems so crazy, but it's always like no time has passed when we get together :)

The house was all decorated for Christmas, just a few touches from me for the party :)

Photo-ception? haha

Kirsten and I are not fans of the usual bridal shower games. So, since we were planning this one, we decided against the usual games and opted for a simple photo game. Many laughs were had picking out the photos and they definitely put a smile on some faces as guests passed by :)

The wildflower banner worked really well - not too Christmas-y or too bridal-y!

Are those pavlova's not the sweetest?? Sophie loves them and I thought those 'Hooray' banners would be just perfect atop them :) They turned out even better than I thought!

I don't think I ended up having a slice of cake (you saw all the other food up top right?) but I'm regretting that a little looking at these photos again!

I don't think Sophie & Michael will need to buy an ornament every again haha They received some of the loveliest ornaments I've ever seen!! The fluffy owl just kills me :) I thought the antler was gorgeous  and the 'country mouse & city mouse' are so sweet. The sock monkey was from me haha had to keep it real :)

There's one bridesmaid missing from the photo below, but she lives in Britain so it's just the three Canadian bridesmaids with Soph below. My dress was vintage and you can sort of see my black & white cameo that I wore. We all unintentionally coordinated in black, white & little bit of green :)

Kirsten, Sophie, Heather, me
I love the two shots below of Sophie & her mum :) I snapped the first one as we sat down (what were you doing Soph?? haha). There's something I love about candid shots, but the more 'posed' one turned out really well too :)

A huge thankyou to Audrey, who opened up her home & organized all the food, and Kirsten - your cookies deserve an award!! haha Couldn't have pulled this off without all your help! And to mama, thankyou for helping & putting up with my endless queries. And to everyone that came!! Thankyou for making it such a special day for Sophie :) I know her and Michael will treasure your gifts for years to come.

If you've made it to the end of this post - thankyou! You can read more about my planning here & here, and see how I incorporated some of the decor into a Christmas tablescape here. And if you want to see even more photos from the day, you can view the whole album here.

I've also got two little DIY's that I made for the shower - glitter jars & paper banners - coming later this week! Hope your week is going well!


A Christmas Shower, Take Two

top to bottom, left to right,
one, two, three, fourfive, six, seven, eightnine, ten, eleven, twelvethirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen

After sharing the idea early last week, I thought I should update you on the Christmas bridal shower I'm throwing! Things have been in full swing since then: invites have gone out, RSVP's are coming in, decor has been bought/made, and food planning is underway.

I'm so excited :) It's not everyday you get to throw a party for your best friend, especially with all the lovely Christmas decor abounding this time of year! You'll see the board above is quite different from the original one. There's a lot more neutrals (creams/browns/golds) but still with hits of red & green. I didn't want it to be overtly bridal-y or Christmas-y, but rather a mix of both.

There's a few ideas that are serving more as inspiration, and there's even a few sneak peaks of the invites I designed! We've got a month to go and there's a few more DIY ideas I have up my sleeve so I'll be sure to share those.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


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A Christmas Bridal Shower

top to bottom, left to right:

I know, it's not even Halloween and I'm talking about Christmas. But it's for a good reason!!

I can't remember if I've mentioned it on here before, but my best friend is getting married next summer and has asked me to be the maid of honour! :D

The bride-to-be is currently living in the UK, but will be back for Christmas so we're planning a Christmas bridal shower/party. I've been googling ideas and etiquette all morning, and I think we're going to be breaking most of the rules haha We'll be inviting people who aren't invited to the wedding, since the wedding is going to be quite small. And because she'll be living in the UK after the wedding, she won't be able to take anything big back with her (or risk incurring massive shipping charges!).

I know she won't mind skipping some of the traditional shower activities, but I do still want it to be a lovely afternoon for her & the guests. Above are a few of the ideas I've been gathering from Pinterest, but I'd love to hear from those of you who've thrown showers or had one thrown for you - what did you do/love? Any special ideas or games that turned out really well? Anything a definite must-do or don't?


With This Ring

Good morning!

Today, two of my good friends are getting married! It's very exciting :)

I'm writing this post on Thursday because the wedding starts at 1pm and it's 30ish minutes away, so as you read this I will be getting ready! It's one of my favourite things to do; it just relaxes me and I find it so fun. I know there are people who can be ready in 5 minutes, but I like to take my time and enjoy it :)

I hope you all have a lovely Friday and a fab weekend!!


Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

Good morning!

Quick note, this post is going to be photo heavy. I tried to cut some out, but I just couldn't. So many beautiful beautiful images. So sorry (but not really because we get to look at all the lovely photos again :D)

Watching William & Kate's wedding kinda got me thinking about my own someday and I thought it would be neat to share the few ideas I came up with. These will very likely change many times over before I do walk down the aisle, but it's fun to search around :)

Going with the theme of something old, something new, something borrowed & something blue, this is what I came up with.

Beautiful old pearls from my grandma

Fabulous new shoes to wear :)
Borrow my mom's veil

And paint my nails a fabulous shade of blue! (For Audrey by China Glaze)

And just because I cannot stop admiring them, more beautiful images from the Royal Wedding :)

And did you see Kate & Pippa's dresses for the evening event?? Gorgeous!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Once Upon A Time...

There was a girl.


Who married a prince.

And became a princess.

I just loved every minute of this beautiful royal wedding! Her dress by Sarah Burton & the House of Alexander McQueen was just lovely and the service was beautiful. The trees, the music, the flowers, the hats(!), everything was so so lovely!

I imagine beautiful lace & classic designs will definitely be very popular for weddings this year.

A beautiful fairytale wedding :)

And they lived happily ever after.


PS, I'm participating in the Royal Wedding Blog Crawl over at Breakfast at Toast. Be sure to check it out!!!